10 Problems with Your AC – Home Improvement Videos

It’s important to know the signs of problems and contact your local repair service as quickly as possible. In this short video, you are going to learn about the top 10 most frequently encountered AC problems.

The most frequent issue is the presence of a damaged capacitor within the condenser unit. In some cases, the capacitor will be swollen on top, and might even fall off. It can happen over some time, or as a result of a dirty filter or condenser coil.

The next most frequently reported issue is one that is suffering from a low level of refrigerant. The low levels of refrigerant are an issue that is second in frequency. The 3rd most likely problem is a blocked condensate drain. The signs are obvious when water is leaking everywhere. A malfunctioning control board might be the next cause. A damaged control board could create a myriad of problems. A burned-out condenser motor may also be an issue. It will begin to spin however the fan won’t be produce a large amount of hot air. The motor of the blower that is burned out may cause an electrical burn scent. A compressor could also become shorted to ground. There are many others that could be causing problems like filthy furnace filters and a damaged AC breakers and unclean condenser tubes. You can see that there are plenty of issues which could go wrong regarding your AC. xy9lasy9l5.

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