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The ideal brake controller’s design is contingent upon the size of the vehicle it’s designed to manage. Vehicles over 750 kilograms need some form of brake controller; vehicles between 750-2000 kilograms need hydraulic brakes, while vehicles weighing 2000 kilograms and up need electric-over-air or electric-over-hydraulic brakes. Electric brakes differ from mechanical counterparts because of the presence of electromagnets their surface that use brakes by pulling shoes away whenever pressure is applied. However, mechanical brakes use a cable or hydraulics to remove the shoes.

The power transfer between the brake controllers and the electromagnets determines how they function. They increase or decrease the force applied to the brakes based on the tension applied to them. There are a variety that brake controllers come in. There are three primary varieties of brake controllers: the solid-state or manual brake controllers, the time-base manual brake controllers as well as the inertia , or proportional vice controllers. There are a variety of brake controllers. an operator of a trailer should be knowledgeable about their use.


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