Common Issues That Require Gas Furnace Repair – The Interstate Moving Companies

If the furnace is able to detect a flame the furnace will stop its heating mechanism. Following three shut-downs, many furnaces will enter security ignition lockout. That’s why it’s essential to get your gas furnace serviced. In addition, an air filter plays an important importance, as it’s impossible to run an appliance without it. A furnace has to have functioning, healthy filters at all times to work efficiently.

One of the main symptoms of a damaged inducer motor within the furnace are tapping sounds. They could result from soot or dirt accumulating around the fan’s shaft. These noises could also arise from the bearings of the motor rubbing against one another. Weak air is the first indication that the motor has stopped working. It may be the result of damaged capacitors or leaky air vents. This issue could result from the control board malfunctioning or defective capacitors. uzhp9xbtyy.

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