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Italian pizza restaurants are, as American pizza stores, family-owned businesses. Yet, this is where the similarities stop.

There is the option of buying a complete pizza from an Italian pizzeria, or just a slice. It’s also known as pizza al tacglio. Pizza places that focus on pizza al Taglio generally offer pizzas that are square that customers can choose slices by making a gesture and then indicating how much of a piece they want with their hands.

To make a complete pie there is no better option than fresh margherita, the origin of all pizza.

Italy is home to the best fresh tomatoes anywhere in the world, and bases a lot of their dishes on tomatoes. Pizzaiolos (Italian for ‘pizza maker’) add homemade mozzarella and local olive oil to create a Neapolitan classic margherita. There is no need for additional toppings.

All customers get the pie when they’ve been cut. They do not need a cutter to cut it.

An old-fashioned brick oven could bake pizzas the temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Italians prefer using an fork and knife when they enjoy pizzas, as long as they’re eating too hot pizza or they’re in motion.

It’s not a smart suggestion to dip your napkin onto pizza. Be aware that Italians do not do what is known as the New York fold.

After the pizza has been served and one slice of it is being cut, call out “Mangia!” Now you can eat!


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