Jason Momoa Stars in Brilliant Commercial – Ceve Marketing

potential of your item as well as your the quality of your product or. It will bring more customers in the long-term. It is like an investment in yourself. In this clip, you’ll see a Super Bowl advertisement that does just this.

Jason Momoa is a popular actor. Rocket Mortgage’s humorous commercial is starring Momoa. In the first place, by involving an actor, the commercial builds credibility among their target audience. In the commercial Momoa describes how his home is the best place to be himself and relax. It creates a bond with the viewer who could too connect with him. Momoa keeps taking off the plastic body enhancers and show that he’s had a slim figure the whole time. This humor opens up to the public, making them more susceptible to advertising. The advertisement also ties into Rocket Mortgage by saying home will make you feel at ease with yourself, while Rocket Mortgage makes you feel confident about financing the home. The hook is the importance that’s being conveyed to the viewers. It will attract new customers to your company.


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