How Data Center Cooling Works – PC Patching

Internet technology is getting more complicated and more complicated. The need for large data centers is to manage the huge amount of data. They need to be placed in massive warehouses in remote locations that have a lot room.

To cool these data centers, it requires a large amount of energy and infrastructure. Air conditioning is utilized in cooling many data centers. It requires a huge quantity of power. The new data centers are being built with innovative methods of cooling.

For example, Facebook just built a new data center in Northern Sweden and uses the naturally cool environment, along with induction fans in order to cool their servers. The fans require electricity, but it’s much superior to traditional air cooling.

Some are even coming up with even better solutions. Microsoft ran a successful trial running of putting their server inside a container that was watertight that was placed on the floor of the ocean. It used heating exchangers and sea water’s cool temperature to cool the servers.

Check out the video below to know more about data center cooling.


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