Proper Commercial Roofing Is More Important Than You Think – Sky Business News

The protection of your property. Commercial roofing is more difficult to put up and needs more resources that residential roofing. The YouTube clip titled “Business roof installation” from Business Construction Live walks viewers through the phases and materials that are required for installing an effective commercial roof. Bitumen, gravel and tar, and asphalt shingles are few of the items featured throughout the film. Other materials include EPDM roof membranes EPDM membranes EPDM membranes, poly vinyl chloride roof membranesand Poly Vinyl Chloride roof membranes or thermoplastic roof membranes, along with metal roofing.

The video illustrates how commercial roofing construction starts with the vapor barrier put on top of the wood, steel , or the gypsum deck of the roof. Following that, an insulation layer is put on top, after which a cover board with a waterproofing membrane then the shingles. Screws are utilized to secure the membrane sheet to its edge. The other sheets are positioned over the fasteners and welded with a hot air welder to create a solid roofing layer. You can wrap the membrane around the edges of your roofing using vinyl or aluminum termination bars. 8uhjqyck3x.

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