Different Type of Roofs You Should Consider for Your Home –


Strong winds. They are challenging to install and operate due to their mass. They’re resistant to severe weather but not all conditions. You cannot walk on them or let tree branches lean on them. The weight of these types causes cracks in the tiles.
Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are another option that you might consider when choosing a roof type to match your home. Concrete tiles are composed of cement tiles that are constructed using pressure and heat. It’s a great option for budget-conscious homeowners, durable, and beautiful for your home. A concrete roofing installation will cost approximately $5-$11 for every square foot. That means a roof covering 2,000 feet can cost between $1000 and $22,000. Concrete roofing is cheaper as compared to clay roofing. The roof is able to withstand hail up to two inches in diameter , and wind speeds as high as 180 mph. So long as it’s installed properly, this roof is expected to last 50 years. It comes in various colors, types of materials and shapes. You can get concrete roofs appear like stone, or clay.

Concrete roofing requires maintenance. Concrete roofs will eventually fade or turn discolored. Concrete is prone to evaporation because it’s porous. It occurs in which lime is mixed with water and forms a powdery white substance that forms on concrete. In order to prevent this from happening, you can protect the tiles from the lime, however, it’s best to hire a professional to handle this task. As you’re able to imagine, the tiles made of concrete are heavy and are not the best option for an older home or one that has structural issues.

Windows in the sunroom

Make sure you include all additional items you own or intend to include when choosing a roof type to your house. Perhaps you are thinking about the possibility of a sunroom. A sunroom roof may be the ideal option for your needs. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to the sunroom’s roof. Your budget and the structure are among the most important concerns.

You do have several options that you can choose from for this kind of roof. It is possible to choose a single slope


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