The Golf Cart Service Basics of Maintenance and Repair – Source and Resource

S, zoos and country clubs, as well as commercial properties. The video below explains how maintain your golf cart. A majority of the necessary information to ensure the health of a golf cart is within the owner’s handbook. It is highly recommended that the owner charges the batteries regularly, making sure that the car is always powered when it is required. If the golf vehicle has deep cycle batteries you should check your battery’s levels of water.

As the lead plates on the batteries are supposed to submerge, it is important to keep them submerged. This could reduce the life span of batteries. Also, clean connections on the batteries to get rid of dirt and corrosion. If you have a gas golf cart inspect the oil once a week , and change the filter once every 5 to 10 years. Like regular automobiles You should be checking your tire’s condition and pressure regularly. The quality of the ride could alert the owner to pressure problems or different issues. The joints in the golf vehicle, including suspension components, throughout the maintenance. Every year, bring your golf cart to a professional brake inspection. This can help you to spot any issues that could be. qbnps54xqw.

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