The Steps in Heating Oil Delivery – Vacuum Storage

This is why it must be replenished on an ongoing periodic basis. This video will show the method of delivery of heating oil.

A delivery driver first needs to find the residence. It’s impossible to deliver oil in the absence of the residence! Modern oil companies equip their trucks with GPS systems. The driver is able to enter the address, find a way and brief description of the house.

When the driver arrives to the location at the address, they’ll be able to identify the valve on the home that is designed to receive the oil. The connection will usually be placed on the exterior of the property like an electrical measuring device. Oil tankers have hose, which will be delivered to your home.

The technician makes sure there is a secure connection. He then stands by the valve the entire time the heating oil is flowing. If there is a fault, there is a clicking alarm that sounds. The driver can then close the valve to prevent unintentional accidents. For more information watch the video above.


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