The Unbelievable Dental Tip You Wont Learn From The Dentist – Metro Dental Care

What are the primary factors that cause cavities? Plaque is the biofilm made by harmful bacteria that forms in the mouth. They produce lactic acid. This lactic acid then burns through your teeth, leaking out calcium . Calcium is the element that your teeth are composed of. This is extremely harmful to your teeth, which can lead to indents. Cavities can result as a result of these dental indentures. How can you fight the bad bacteria? In this video, we will demonstrate an easy method that will be a blessing.

All dentists will tell you that the most effective way to prevent cavities is by cleaning your teeth. This physically removes bacteria by scrubbing your teeth. There is a different option that might be better. Make a paste that you are aware of your body’s use in the first place, then scrub your teeth with the mixture. The mix consists of quarter teaspoon of baking soda from the kitchen, a quarter teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup of water. Once you’ve created your mix, it’s time to brush your teeth like you would normally. Then, clean your teeth with this new mixture. The result should show less in the presence of plaque and other bacterial that can be found in the mouth.


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