What to Expect at an Indoor Gun Range – How Old Is the Internet


Find out what to anticipate when you go to an indoor shoot range.

You must have your passport as well as any other identification that is issued by the government you prior to going outside. In the indoor range, you requires this. If you’re using eye ear protection, you’ll also need to bring those. You may rent it out or purchase it at an indoor shooting range.

It’s also possible to carry your gun in case you have one. Bring your own gun, handgun or long gun, as well as ammunition as well as goals if you’d like. You can also rent an firearm at the range if you don’t already own one. You can choose from a variety of guns available for rental.

There is a requirement to sign liability release forms before you are allowed to enter the gun range indoors. You’ll then watch the short safety videos prior to going into the range. Then, you’ll be given one shooting lane. After that, apply safety glasses and eye protections before entering the area.

Check out the video below to find out more about indoor shooting ranges.


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