Different Senior Housing Options – Maine’s Finest

There are a variety of options that provide different kinds of services. In this post, we will examine a few different senior housing options.

The first choice we’re exploring is living independently. Independent living is a choice for elderly residents who have the capacity to take care themselves and meet their daily requirements. People in independent living might still own cars, or manage their finances. In an independent living facility there are meals and lodging offered to residents, however, they have the option of taking charge of their own needs.

As the senior citizens in assisted living require assistance in their everyday tasks, they are distinct from independence. It is as the name suggests. assisted living is where nurses help seniors with a range of tasks. When you visit assisted living facilities, there are people struggling with problems with memory.

Another senior housing option that we’ll talk about is a continuous care facility. They are usually big in comparison to the alternatives and comprise people who require a variety of medical care. One of the advantages of this type of care is that you don’t have be able to switch to different categories of services as you get older because they’ll provide all of the assistance you require.


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