An Intro to Storing Your Precious Artwork – The Art Museum

color, you are going be aiming to keep the original art pieces safe in a safe place from humidity and tears. It is more difficult to do so with oil charcoal or pastels that rub quickly, and tend to change color after contact. If art is your main enterprise, having a proper way to store your artwork could be the key to a successful sale in the hundreds or thousands. In this video we’ll discuss the best method of keeping your work secure and organized.

If you’re planning to store a canvas, you could make your own felt pockets by stitching together a large section of felt bought from the craft shop in your area. This prevents the canvas from hitting objects as well as keeping it protected from weather and other elements. They can be moved around in the bedroom, or put in huge boxes, separated by squares of poster board. If you’re looking to store your paper drawings and sketches, this artist suggests investing in a professional portfolio, keeping each piece of paper laminated and all together in one place.


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