What to Expect From Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction – Teeth Cavities

You may need to have wisdom teeth removed or replaced. This may mean you are out of commission for up to two weeks. The face and lips may be puffy for the first several days but will decrease gradually. A gentle press of a cold fabric on your face may help to reduce swelling.

You’ve got three sets wisdom teeth that are located at the rear of your mouth. They’re typically visible on X-rays in patients aged between 17 and 25.

The anesthetic is not the only solution that works for everyone. You may be able drive to home when you’ve received local anesthesia. Then you could be able to get back to work and other normal routine activities within a few days. If you’re still feeling sleepy or under general anesthesia, driving sober is needed.

The majority of patients have little to no sensation. But, it is possible to experience the discomfort and swelling to persist for around three days. Your mouth might take several months to completely heal.

There may be some discomfort in the aftermath of an extraction. However your dentist can prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication to ease your discomfort. Following an extraction, it’s normal to experience a discomfort and swelling outside of the socket. Watch the entire video for further details. aj62bnrjjz.

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