What Causes Your Teeth to Hurt – Teeth Cavities

rea around the tooth is irritated, a toothache or pain results, the most likely reasons of toothache are infections tooth decay, trauma, or the loss of a tooth. Following an extraction, there might be some discomfort.

An outer layer of enamel shields nerves within your teeth when they are well-maintained. Over time, enamel will become worn out. It can also be caused by anything that enters your nerve endings.

When pain emanates from the jaw from another part or body part, it could appear to be originates from the jaw. It is the jaw joint that suffers, sinuses, the ear and even the heart are some of the most commonly affected areas.
Gum disease can lead to dental decay and gum disease. Sometimes, however gum disease isn’t a cause of discomfort.

Regularly flossing as well as fluoride toothpaste aid in preventing dental issues. The dentist recommends professional cleaning at least twice per year. Fluoride and sealants, which provide a great benefit to children’s teeth, are applied by the dentist.

This video gives a brief outline of the various causes for tooth pain. Watch the full video to know more. pe1oj1cmpd.

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