Car Detailing Tips – Custom Wheels Direct

The complete detail includes a thorough clean from all mechanical parts of the car , such as tires, paint, and carpet.

Cleaning your vehicle with the pressure washer is crucial during a car-detailing task. You must ensure that you are using a pressure washer designed to meet your needs for car cleaning. Make sure you distance the pressure washer from your vehicle in order to minimize damaging the surface as you wash.

The following step in vehicle detailing involves the deep cleaning. The equipment required for this stage include a wash solution, foam canon as well as soap, dirt traps and washers. Put some soap and water into the foam canon prior to connecting it to the pressure washer. To reduce imperfections in paint you can foam your car beginning from the top.

You should also place your dirt traps on the washing machine’s bottom. The washer should be rinsed with the solution you have chosen to clear it of all dirt. Clean your vehicle using the pressure washer, then dry with a towel made of wool to prevent staining.


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