What Direction Should You Lay Your Wood Floor? – Great Conversation Starters

Rent different kinds of wood flooring for you to pick from. It’s not an easy decision to decide on the kind that will best suit your needs and those of your family. This is just one of the choices you’ll need to consider. You will also have choose which direction you want to get the hardwood flooring installed. The wood flooring expert you hire can assist you in making this decision. In this video we will provide you with a number of ways to choose the best way you want to lay your hardwood flooring.

First, have your flooring running with the windows. The boards should be pointed towards the windows. Take note of the direction in which the sun rises and sets when you have multiple kinds of windows. Your floors must face East or the West. You want the wood floor looking towards the front door. This can make it look attractive to guests to enter your house. There are cases where you would want to have the boards facing perpendicular to a door. This would be the case in the event that the room is longer on the perpendicular side.


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