The Benefits of Installing a Solar Power System –

The most popular option these days is to install a solar power system. Benefits of installing a solar system are clear. It is a way to reduce dependence on the power grid as well as continuous access to the renewable energy source as well as lower energy costs. It is a good idea for homeowners to take advantage of an opportunity to install solar panels based on these benefits alone. The benefits are appealing on paper, but how do solar panels work in actual reality?

In the video that is posted here the homeowner provides his assessment of the solar system’s advantages after just one year in the presence of solar panels within his house. He set up the panels himself with a DIY system, thus the setup was cheap in the end. His solar panels gave him 13140 Kilowatt hours of power throughout the calendar year. Since energy prices in his region are around 10 cents per hour for a kilowatt so he calculated that the solar panels helped him save $1314 from his electrical bills. It saved him $3.60 every day for throughout the entire year.

The hosts are pleased about the solar panels and recommends that homeowners look into similar options when they want to reduce their costs and become more self-sufficient. t65afbrcdl.

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