Tips For Owning a Used RV – Car Talk Podcast

Water damage is a common concern for RVs. Seams and sealants are most likely to be the source of the issue since the vehicle has been through the rigours of the previous owner. To avoid water damage make sure to seal any cracks or open space.

2. Inspecting all systems and appliances of the RV – check your water supply, the LP gas system, air conditioner, electrical system, as well as every other appliance inside the RV. If you purchase it through an RV dealer, inquire about the appliances included in the pre-delivery inspection. Also, ask them to fix any issues they discover when it’s through the pre-delivery inspection process.

3. If you purchase the vehicle from a private owner All inspections must be made by you. If you are unsure, solicit a reliable RV inspector as well as a mechanic to assist with the inspections. If the person who owns the RV is not cooperative in your tests It isn’t a good idea to buy that particular RV. look for an RV dealership somewhere else.

4. Examining the engine transmission, and the rear axle is vital. Check for leaks and condition of belts, radiator hoses and heaters and any other fluids. i1m4nti5hs.

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