What is the Science Behind Laser Hair Removal – Balanced Living Magazine

Laser plume is the smoke generated by the device used to remove hair. The video makes use of infrared radiation that is inaccessible to the naked eye. As it’s capable capturing pulses, the video shows how it removes hair. It can actually crush hair, and the it is possible to watch it in action.

The video below explains the reaction to the laser. Melanin is a substance that is found in dark eyes in hair, skin, and skin. Melanin is able to absorb various wavelengths of light. It’s particularly efficient in UV wavelengths in the spectrum. This shields you from sun’s ultraviolet rays and helps you tan. As a result, your body’s production is increasing and releasing melanin into the skin.

Laser hair removal is performed because melanin inside hair cells absorbing radiation without affecting the surrounding skin. This is ideal for those with dark hair and light skin. uz61xnebub.

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