5 Invisalign Myths We’re Setting Straight – American Dental Care

These are an excellent solution to straighten your smile without having to use traditional braces. Invisalign’s process is fast and does not require any appliances to be placed on your teeth. With align teeth straightening, you wear clear aligner tray for a number of months that will be set by your dental practitioner. Each tray is specifically designed for your teeth. They apply pressure to the teeth in order that they gradually shift into more comfortable position.

Ask your dentist or orthodontics to discuss Invisalign braces. They may also be able to inform you about alignment comparison research. When you begin with the aligner trays, you wear them for the prescribed number of weeks as prescribed. You are then given another tray that you wear for a few more weeks. The process continues through your treatment duration, each time moving the teeth just a more. The teeth will be back to the same position they were in at the beginning of the treatment. It will result in a straight smile you can be proud of. ob59or6utt.

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