73 Questions with an Otolaryngologist – US Aloe

This video chronicles the journey of a doctor as well as his experience. The first few questions concern his personal experience as a physician education, background and how the doctor came to be interested in this subject, and so on. This physician doesn’t like studying, and is practicing as a private practitioner because they are able to be more flexible in the job.
There are some disadvantages to being an ear physician. There are many otolaryngologists who work in sub-specialties. Even though ear doctors might not be an ideal career to many people, those that do this love their job. The ear doctors do the great job as they carry out both medicine as well as surgery. They treat everybody from newborns to individuals in the hundreds.
It is an exciting and inspiring job because you can choose one specialty, unlike other people who have to do identical tasks every day. You can choose to be an expert in ear, nose or both. This video is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide for those who are interested in otolaryngology. 81bobvph4e.

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